Our Top 5 Looks for Your Summer Style

Our Top 5 Looks for Your Summer Style

Experience the magic of the Summer Solstice with Ohemaa Jewellery and let your inner light glow.

Can you feel the Summer vibes in the air?

It's time to celebrate the longest day of the year (finally!) with Ohemaa Jewellery's handcrafted gems. Get ready to elevate your summer style with our top 5 Ohemaa Jewellery looks, curated just for you!

1. Surya Sunshine Earrings

Capture the essence of the sun's radiant energy with our stunning sunburst earrings. This nature-inspired piece features intricate detailing, symbolising the sun itself. Wear it as a statement piece and embrace the Summer Solstice spirit in style.

 2. The Aventurine Affair


Aventurine is not only known for their soothing energies but also for their remarkable versatility. This is a gem for prosperity and confidence.

Whether you prefer stud earrings, dangle earrings or a matching necklace to elevate your fashion game, you can find all of these at Ohemaa Jewellery Designs. 

3. The Luna Ring

Our Luna Ring is a beautifully crafted piece, designed to be a representation of the moon, a symbol of mystery and feminine energy. 

Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of celestial charm to your everyday look, not only does our Luna Ring make a perfect addition to your own jewellery collection, but it also serves as a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a loved one. 

4. The Starburst Ring

Let this Starburst ring add a sparkle of magic to your look as an ode to the Summer Solstice gods. The combination of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensures both durability and beauty. Our Starburst Ring is a true reflection of celestial splendour.

5. The Sunburst Hoops

& what better way to wear the Sunburst ring than to match it with our Sunburst hoops. 

Classically designed for all occasions, all our earrings feature brass or gold-filled ear wires, which are lead-free and  nickel-free to maximise comfort and ease of wear.

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With each of our handcrafted pieces, you'll feel the love and TLC that goes into making each one. 

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